Our Packaging Design Development Process

We know that we talk the talk, so we’re 100% dedicated to also walking the walk. When we promise to be a full-service design, innovation and development agency for healthcare and pharmaceutical companies, you’d better believe that we mean it.

We have exceptional experience in creating primary packaging that’s perfectly suited to modern pharmaceutical and healthcare markets whilst integrating the full spectrum of safety specifications and international standards to be used in other industries to achieve high quality packaging design development.

Primary packaging designed around the consumer

To help you visualise how we work, here are the major milestones of the design and development process:

  • Define the requirement
  • Conceptualise the solution
  • Plan the approach
  • Develop the product
  • Test and perfect the prototype
  • Commercialise and take to market

Engage and understand

First of all, we need to understand your company, which includes its philosophy, mission, vision and goals. Every client we work with receives an entirely tailored experience, so a small start-up developing a healthcare product will have different needs to a household brand launching the latest medical breakthroughs. Whilst the questions we ask may differ depending on your situation, you can rest assured that our attention to detail, commitment and innovation are consistent across the board.

This preliminary stage enables us to determine the type of research, technology and approach required to deliver a primary packaging solution that meets the needs of the consumer whilst adhering to international safety standards.

Limitless support

We help you with every stage from concept to completion, managing numerous tasks and processes to save you time, money and stress. With compliance and profitability at the heart of what we do, we guarantee that DiD will deliver an optimised solution.

If you’d like to get a more in-depth feel for how this works and why it benefits your product, below is a detailed breakdown.

A dedicated team

The specialists that comprise our New Product Development team will assemble to combine their wide-ranging skills. The design, innovation and development of a new project requires input from multiple experts, all working together to solve problems and enhance the final outcome. When you work with DiD, you know that multiple creative designers, development experts and highly skilled engineers are involved in the perfecting of your product.

See how it works

We then invite you to our dedicated innovation facility either in person or through an interactive online meeting. This allows you to see how DiD works, meet the team and marvel at our cutting g-edge software, technology, development labs and production environments.

The initial sketches

We’ll show you the embryonic concepts, which are sketches that help us to create a feasibility assessment. Once this is complete, we’ll know the most cost-effective route and share it with you, discussing the finer points and coming to a mutual agreement on how to move forward.

This stage is crucial, as it invites you to explore how the preliminary idea can be developed and adapted into a marketable product.

Exploring the concept

We take you through different options that will determine the best way to achieve functionality and user-friendliness during the testing stage. The objective here is to produce the highest calibre of product possible, which is where our development engineers apply their advanced expertise to arrive at an optimised approach

See for yourself

Our investment in the very best technology systems, software and engineering practices greatly benefits our clients. Through CAD modelling, advanced rendering and 3D printed samples, you can see how the final product will look, feel and function.

This is hugely beneficial, as a physical model gives you the freedom to fine-tune it until absolute perfection is achieved.

Combined with our extensive child-resistant and senior-friendly testing processes, you can rest assured that the packaging solution will suit the needs of consumers, stakeholders and international safety regulations.

The Process

Concept Sketches
Concept Sketches
  • Creation of design concepts portfolio
  • Multiple designs assets and configurations
  • Alternative workable solutions
3D Modelling
3D Modelling
  • Detailed renders of your product
  • Shared alternative concepts
  • Layed attributes to enable design edits
  • 3D printed variations of your design
  • Test and Refine options
  • Fully workable movements
Technical Design Files
Technical Design Files
  • Materials identified
  • Initial drawings and concepts
  • Product process
  • Final DWG files

The next step

Once the final design file is complete, we offer two options:


We give you the files and everything you need to take your product to a production facility of your choice. This can work well if you already have a manufacturing partner on board.


The far more efficient and cost-effective approach is to use our sister company Origin Pharma Packaging to manufacture your primary packaging product in its state-of-the-art facilities.

Reduce your Design Costs with our Offset Allowance Programme

Aside from the second option offering the convenience of a comprehensive service without the middleman, we’ll also reward your loyalty by waiving the cost of design through our Offset Allowance Programme. This results in a highly cost-effective development stage followed by an exceptional calibre of manufacturing. Essentially, you only need to budget for the production of physical units, as all of the design, consultation and fine-tuning of the product is absorbed by us.

With over fifty years of producing market-leading primary packaging products for the pharmaceutical and healthcare sectors, our knowledge, expertise and speed to market are second to none. If you’re looking for the ultimate levels of quality, consistency and customer service, choose DiD as your design, development and commercialisation partner.