Child resistant design

No matter how wonderful and pioneering your healthcare or pharmaceutical product is, all of your hard work will come tumbling down if you haven’t made it child-resistant.

We’re proud to say that the innovators and developers here at DiD are leaders in the engineering of advanced child-resistant packaging design, ensuring that families around the globe are protected against the natural curiosity of young children.

Child-Resistant, Senior-Friendly Packaging

Child-resistant packaging is designed to prevent access to children whilst remaining accessible for adults.  What constitutes a child-resistant pack is ascertained by stringent test protocols that vary to some degree according to the geographical location.  BSEN ISO8317 (UK/Europe), 16CFR1700 and ASTM (US) are the most commonly recognised standards for medicine packaging.

Key considerations in designing child-resistant packaging include:

  • The environment in which the product will be used, e.g. home, hospital (supervised / unsupervised dosage)
  • The geographical locations in which the product will appear and any regional governing standards.
  • The characteristics of the product being contained (viscosity, toxicity, method of dosing – ingestion, inhalation etc).
  • The clear displaying of product information and opening instructions.
  • Reclosable child-resistant packaging requires two opposing actions to be taken simultaneously, such as push down and turn or squeeze and turn (the typical screw closure mechanisms), or lining up arrows embossed in the packaging.
  • Non-reclosable products usually require cognisance, such as ‘fold at 45 degrees and reveal a hidden tear start’, or ‘peel back and push’ – retaining a two-stage opening procedure.
  • Child-resistant packaging is designed to prevent child access but must be accessible to and reclosable for adults.

A team of dedicated specialists

The DiD team comprises every area of expertise required to design, innovate and develop your primary packaging product. From designers who fully understand the needs of today’s pharmaceutical and healthcare companies, to skilful developers who use the most sophisticated technology and software to create a unique solution, we deliver everything you need under one roof.

Our child-resistant and senior-friendly design engineers also carry out extensive workshops, as only by thoroughly testing the product can we be certain that it conforms to the needs of the consumer. Finally, our technical packaging team can manufacture your product on any scale that you require, from small batches to large volumes for global distribution.

Adhering to international standards

In order for packaging to qualify as child-resistant, it needs to meet a variety of international standards:

BS EN ISO 8317:2004

The international standard covering re-closable packaging for any contents.

16 CFR 1700.20

The American regulation covering re-closable and non-re-closable packaging applicable to both medicines and non-medicines. Initially only mandatorily required for products sold in the United States, it has now been adopted by other countries as a standard.

BS EN 14375:2003

The European standard covering non re-closable packaging for medicines.

BS EN 862:2005

 The European standard covering non re-closable packaging for non-medicines.

No matter what type of child-resistant packaging you need, regardless of shape, size, function and quantity, we’ll ensure that the product is entirely compliant and of the highest standard. This means that you can launch as many as you want wherever you wish, safe in the knowledge that it complies with global packaging standards.

Working with the CSPG

Through our parent company, Origin Pharma Packaging, we continually work with the Child Safe Packaging Group. This has enabled us to become experts when it comes to effectively preventing accidental drug ingestion, as our packaging solutions are guaranteed to be 100% child-resistant.