Offset your design & development costs

Whilst we’ve invested a lot of focus into making our design, innovation and development services as cost-effective as possible, these stages do of course come with a price tag before your product is even manufactured. We believe that this doesn’t have to be the case, which is why we’ll waive the design fee if you also welcome us on board as your production partner.

Everything under one roof

Thanks to DiD being part of the Origin Pharma Packaging group, we have everything in place for the manufacture, automatic filling, labelling and packaging of your pharmaceutical or healthcare products. No time-consuming logistics, no middleman costs, no compromising of standards due to multiple sites, just a streamlined process focused on quality, consistency and delivery.

That’s right, no design fee

When we say no design fee, we mean it. No matter how much of our time and talent we’ve put into designing and developing your product, we substantially reward your loyalty if you select us as your manufacturing supplier. We’ll even send you a no-charge invoice for the design work so that you can clearly see how much you’ve saved.

Together we can shape your product to perfection

Exceptional focus

Rest assured, removing the design cost doesn’t mean sacrificing perfection. We’re perpetually dedicated to delivering our full design and development service without any shortcuts, rushing or limitations. Whether or not you choose us for manufacturing, you receive the ultimate level of collaboration, attention to detail and delivery, so why not increase your profit margins by saving on production costs in the process?


A full-service agency

Primary packaging for the medical and healthcare sectors is our passion. Our designers, engineers and technicians present decades of market-leading knowledge and industry expertise, ensuring that your product looks, feels and functions precisely how you envisaged. We’ll work with you to optimise the design, maximise manufacture output and take it to market in a fast, precise and fantastically smooth fashion.

The first phase of design, innovation and development consists of research, discovery and material selection, followed by the second phase of fine-tuning the product’s usability, structural pilot and tooling design. Once the final design file is ready you have every right to take it to another manufacturer, but once you’ve seen our aseptic cleanroom, automated filling facility and sophisticated packaging and labelling systems, we know that you’ll want to do it the DiD way.

Commercialising ideas for pharma and healthcare companies

Save thousands of £ and $

As we’re sure you know, the design, innovation and development of pharmaceutical and healthcare primary packaging is a highly sophisticated undertaking. It requires a multifaceted team of specialists, each with their finger on the pulse of the latest systems, technology and regulations. This understandably comes with a price, even if the provider is as committed to affordability as the team here at DiD.

Once the design file is complete, there’s then the cost of manufacturing, filling, labelling and packaging. By combining our services, we guarantee that we’ll keep your costs down and your cash flow healthy, all while delivering an outstanding product.