What to look for in a packaging design partner

Leading Packaging Designer

Product packaging is a huge feature of the healthcare and big pharmaceuticals industry. Therefore, choosing the right primary packaging designer should be considered a priority. 

For starters, packaging supplies will be responsible for protecting the contents against external damage throughout the order fulfilment and delivery processes. Likewise, packaging designs must create a suitable environment for any medications while providing the most compact solution possible. Given that 70% of consumers concede that they judge brands solely on the packaging, its significance on gaining their trust is huge too.

While in-house solutions are possible, partnering with a primary packaging designer is the best option by far. For new companies and established organisations alike, Design innovation Development is the answer.

Why choose an outsourced primary packaging designer?

Partnering with a packaging designer that specializes in supporting companies within the healthcare and big pharmaceuticals sector can deliver a range of benefits for your business. Some of the most attractive features are detailed below:

Guaranteed compliance

Packaging within the healthcare industry isn’t only important for protecting the contents and setting a positive first impression. There are also national regulations regarding transparent communication. Ingredients lists, dosage instructions, and all related information must be presented in the correct fashion. 

For your packaging to comply with all rules and regulations, you will need to consider labelling for medicines, patient information leaflets, braille requirements, appropriate warnings, and child-resistant properties. It is possible to find the relevant data on the UK Government website. However, the more practical solution would be to use a third-party packaging designer that knows these details.

In addition to avoiding penalties or wasted designs, it should provide peace of mind while ensuring that patients receive packaging that matches the quality of the pharmaceuticals inside.

A fresh perspective

Packaging isn’t your area of expertise, and it will show if you try to complete the packaging design elements internally. Working with an outside company brings a fresh perspective, a new dynamic, and new eyeballs to your packaging needs. This engagement can have a telling influence on both the process and the solution.

A fresh perspective ensures that all packaging items are carefully thought out before going to print or manufacturing while simultaneously satisfying the Human Medicines Regulations 2012 and related documents. Crucially, it gives you access to insights that wouldn’t be available to in-house teams. 

The company may benefit from a range of blister packs, bottles, jars, tubes, syringes, plastics, cardboard, and paper supplies. Working with an external primary packaging designer ensures that all possibilities are considered. 

Financial savings

There are many ways to define success in business, but the financial barometer should not be underestimated for a second. Packaging supplies is one area where healthcare organisations can trim the fat to save valuable money without causing any negative impact to the standard of patient care.

The red tape phenomenon is likely to surface if you handle matter internally. Too many people will get involved, which will reduce efficiency. Given that one-in-three workers already wastes at least 30 minutes per day, it makes sense to outsource this task to a primary packaging designer. 

On a side note, you’ll have far greater clarity regarding the true cost of the design processes.

Risk management

Risk management isn’t simply about protecting the medicines or meeting regulations. It is equally important to protect investment budgets and avoid wasted materials. By utilising innovative technologies and techniques like 3D printing to develop prototype moulds before cutting steel moulds, those obstacles are eliminated. 

The thought of needing to change moulds at pivotal pilot or commercial stages is the last thing any healthcare company needs. The ability to test the waters and confirm suitability in advance of a full production run additionally speeds up the entire R&D and manufacturing processes. 

A dedicated packaging design service removes any threat of downtime or delays, ensuring a smoother operation.

Dynamic methods

The UK big pharmaceuticals sector is worth in excess of £21bn. Advancements in medical science and technology, along with political issues, means that the goalposts are constantly moving. In short, you don’t just need to know that your packaging solutions are suitable for today. You need to know that they will evolve alongside industry and patient expectations.

In-house designs are likely to leave you one step behind the competition at all times. Conversely, working with a passionate and educated primary packaging designer ensures that your endeavours lead the way in healthcare. The dynamic approach additionally allows you to focus your attention on the products that go inside.

An in-house solution simply cannot match the quality of output. When combined with the other factors mentioned above, only an outsourced designer will suffice.

Why select Design Innovation Development?

Outsourcing your packaging design to a team of professionals in this field will boost efficiency and your bottom line, but only if you partner with the right team. There are several things to look for in a design partner and DiD provides them all.

DiD combines over half-a-century of experience from parent company Origin Pharma Packaging with a fresh and innovative approach that’s underpinned by the latest tech possibilities. We spotted a gap in the market for a full-service packaging design, innovation and development agency for pharmaceutical and healthcare businesses and truly believe that our quality-driven services are the best on the market.

Furthermore, we pride ourselves on working closely with healthcare companies to ensure that all packaging is designed and manufactured in a way that’s perfectly matched to your brief. All projects are tailored to your need to meet time and budget requirements while services can evolve alongside your healthcare company needs. Our comprehensive approach extends to the packaging development at our on-site facility.

We have a passion for turning your vision into a reality, allowing you to ensure that the packaging elements reflect the quality of your medicines. In turn, patient satisfaction will improve too.

Design Innovation Development guarantees a convenient, cost-effective, and compliant solution. To find out more, get in touch with one of our friendly agents today.